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$ 5,760



$ 3,430

$ 3,300

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$ 3,830

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Hollywood Movie Poster

We will design and print a movie poster starring the groom and bride.



Extended Video Edits

​ Extend your wedding highlight video to an edit of 15 -20 minutes






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Let us capture breathtaking aerial imagery to complement and showcase one of, if not, the most important days of your lives. Combining drone clips with your wedding film can add depth to your video by capturing angles that would be impossible to capture from the ground.

This cinematic perspective can transform a good wedding into an awe-inspiring work of art.  

Drone Coverage

Add another dimension to your wedding film. High-resolution drone footage will be added to your film. Perfect for showcasing the beauty of wedding venues


Additional Addons to consider

Raw Footage

A hard drive containing all of your raw unedited clips filmed on the wedding day. Provided via a hard drive or online gallary.



  The Day After Film Session

We will film a styled shoot a day after your wedding with  you. This added day of filming allows for more content to be added to your overall film



Upscaled High Resolution Footage


Your film will be captured and delivered in a 4k Ultra HD resolution. Then upscaled using our proprietary technology.


Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Our film team will film the rehearsal dinner speeches or other activities for up to one hour. This option allows for more content to be added to the overall film.


NON-Disclosure Agreement

We understand some couples prefer to keep their films private. This option offers clients the ability to purchase the copyrights to the footage. 


Reality Style Wedding Film

Sit-Down Interviews with family and friends. Reality-TV Documentary Film. Professional Lighting. 2 Minute Trailer. 2 Filmmakers


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